Surveyors bear a lot of responsibility when producing a home report, ensuring that the documents are produced in accordance with legislation, with RICS regulations and with lender recommendations.  As if all this is not enough, there are seller and selling agent expectations to be managed and additional documents to be completed and that's where Onesurvey comes in.

Onesurvey manage the process from payment to final approval with the seller and selling agent enabling your team to get on with producing the reports.  By taking payment from the seller, we are guaranteeing your fee and reducing your card costs as well as saving time.  You do not even need to invoice Onesurvey as we produce self billing invoices and attach your payment every two weeks.

No more chasing sellers for property questionnaires or approval of reports as Onesurvey takes care of this... we even send out your terms and conditions at the start of the process.


Frequently asked questions by Surveyors

You do not need to post out Terms & Conditions (T&C's).

When payment is taken the seller needs to agree to the T&C's. We also attach a copy of the T&C's to the first email the seller receives.

If the seller does not have an email we will post them out.

When you tick that the seller does not have an email Onesurvey will automatically post out all the relevant documents to the seller and continue to give them a gentle chase to complete and approve

Onesurvey create your self billing invoice every two weeks and attach a cheque for any monies due in that period.  Onesurvey will pay you when we are paid, which is normally at the start of the process unless the selling agent has an account - then you will be paid once the account has been settled.

You can choose to invoice the client direct using the 'surveyor account' facility, however, this means you take responsibility for any admin fees due to the agent if applicable

Of course! You can now send us a PDF of your preferred front cover and that will appear on all reports you produce.