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We only work with RICS chartered surveyors who are accepted by most of the major lenders. Our panel of surveying firms cover the whole of Scotland which means the seller always gets a local surveyor - someone who knows the area well.

Surveying firms on the panel of Onesurvey

May I take this opportunity of saying that, in my experience, the team at OneSurvey have a lovely telephone manner, as well as being helpful and efficient.

Marjory - Seller - Glasgow

Onesurvey has been fantastic to use, I've downloaded a few surveys for houses we have been looking at and I'm mega impressed

Calum Rennie - Buyer - Ayr

The Onesurvey website is extremely efficient and easy to navigate, it allows me to instruct home reports in a timely manner as everything is in the one place. The website enables me to track the progress of home reports, the comments section is particularly useful for giving me updates on any issues.

Barry Walker - Selling Agent - Glasgow

We have been using Onesurvey's online portal for several years now and find it to be an excellent website which takes all the hassle away from organising a Home report on behalf of our clients.

Russell Anderson - Selling Agent - Argyll

I wish every Estate Agent used Onesurvey. It is so simple and easy to use. If I can use it, anybody can.

Janet Kennedy - Seller - Glasgow

I have been very impressed with Onesurvey since we decided to use your services and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to both professionals and clients. Thank you for all your help, courtesy and professionalism

William Heeps - Solicitor - West Lothian

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly, with such a helpful reply

Ros - Seller - Castle Douglas

Everything you need to know about home reports

 Desperate to view the home report on your dream property? The good news is you don't need to wait for an office opening to view a report as you can access Onesurvey any time of the day or night and simply enter the address details.

When you download a home report from Onesurvey it will automatically personalise the report to you, meaning your lender can request a transcript direct from the surveyor who carried out the report.

Myth Busters

There is a lot of misinformation around Home Reports, hopefully we can help by clearing up some myths for you. Find out:

No! A Home Report does not have a shelf life. As long as you are continuously marketing your property you do not need to keep refreshing your home report.

You only pay for your Home Report once. You may have additional costs if either of the following happens: a) You find a buyer and their Lender requests an updated report – There is no legal obligation to provide this or, that the seller has to pay for it. b) You carry out repairs highlighted in the report and the surveyor needs to revisit the property to update the report.

A Replacement or Refresh is when there has been a request for the surveyor to update the report. This is usually requested by the buyers Lender and cost varies depending on the size of the property but typically is around 1/3 of the cost of the original Home Report. This is not a new report but an update of the current report.

There is no legal requirement that states the seller needs to ‘refresh’ (known as a replacement) the report when you find a buyer. This occurs when the buyers Lender will not accept Home Reports over 12 weeks old (in some cases 8 weeks) – This is a Lender requirement only and the costs do not need to be met by the Seller.

All documents within the Home Report cannot be more than 12 weeks old at the point of your property going to market, therefore, you cannot use an Energy Report older than the required 12 weeks.

It does not matter how you choose to market your property, if you are selling a residential property in Scotland you need a Home Report. The exception to this is when you are selling the property without marketing e.g. to a family member, friend etc.

You can hold the Home Report until you make good repairs shown up in the report, however, the documents within the report cannot be more than 12 weeks old when you go to market.

No. The Home Report documents cannot be more than 12 weeks old when you go to market and should be in the name of the current home owner.

If you remove your property from the market for 28 days or more you cannot use the same Home Report, unless it was due to a sale falling through. You will require a new Home Report.

No. Most surveyors take payment at the start of the process and once a surveyor has carried out an inspection the work must be paid for. You can choose not to use the Home Report and arrange for a new report with another surveying firm but you must still pay for the original Home Report.

With local surveyors all over Scotland we make sure that the Single Survey and valuation are the best independent information that is available. Each local surveyor is also accredited to provide the Energy Report.

The Property Questionnaire must be completed by the seller but we have provided a range of services to help with this, from online completion, written documents posted or scanned in, or you can even call us to complete the document over the phone.


Home Report data

1 in 10 homes

are found to be in need of some repair

44% of owners

overestimate the value of their home

8 out of 10 buyers

are prepared to pay above market value

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